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St. Catstopher Pendant

St. Catstopher Pendant

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St. Catstopher is a widely popular saint, especially revered by athletes, cyclists, felines, and travelers.

His name and image are commonly worn as pendants, especially by travelers, to show devotion and as a request for his blessing. Silver pendants are frequently worn by cyclists. 

Catstopher is the patron saint of many places, including: South Pasadena, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Mexico and many more.

Pendants are all made in Los Angeles and available in either 4.5-5 gram sterling silver or 14K gold. Chain included on all silver pendants.

Gold Pendants will be made to order.  They require a deposit and 14 days to produce.  The price will range from $450 (Pendant only) to $600-$950 if you would like a gold chain (Chain weight/length etc).

Artwork by @two_dimes

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