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Chubby Bobcat Die Cut Set

Chubby Bobcat Die Cut Set

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The Bobcat (lynx rufus) is one of North America’s most enchanting native critters. These stealthy felines are adaptable to many environments: they’ve been known to make their homes in deserts, swamps, forests, and even in suburban areas, and often split their time between multiple dens. However, the bobcat's nocturnal nature and ability to camouflage into a variety of surroundings means they’re a rare sight. About twice the size of most house cats, they primarily subsist on a diet of rabbits, birds, mice, and other small woodland friends, but are wily and unafraid to take on animals much larger than themselves.

The Details

We’ve channeled the magic of the lynx rufus into our vinyl decals (sold in sets of two), each with it's own special Magical Properties*. Choose your fighter!

  • Gold = brings good fortune!
  • Silver =  charisma and social charm!
  • White/Black = for protection against negative energy!
  • Root Beer = for happiness and good times!
  • Pink = love and friendship!
  • Lavender = confidence and empowerment!
  • Purple = joy and enthusiasm for life!
  • Grassy Green= for manifesting those DOLLA$
  • Hi-Vis Yellow = psychic abilities and lucid dreaming!
  • Hi-Vis Orange = manifest your dreams into realities!
  • Red = vitality, confidence, and power!
  • Yellow= for blocking out the haters!
  • Mint = for creative inspiration and mental expansion!
  • Navy = gluten free, prevents tummy irritation!

*Powers are purely speculative. Statement has not been evaluated by any official entity anywhere, ever, and is based largely in bobcat lore. Chubby Bobcats measure 3.25"

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