Our Story

25 years ago, in the blistering summer heat of Barcelona, everything changed. The haters said it could never happen, but we made history. In that summer of 1992, 11 hall of famers came together to form the greatest team, ever assembled, in the history of team sports…wait…scratch that…that’s the history of the Dream Team, what were we thinking?

Back in 2012 some friends with a shared love of cycling, and let's be honest - too much time on their hands, decided to start a fake race team. From an old VW van in Topanga, California we built a team where the focus was on looking good & having fun. A small batch of kits for friends eventually turned into some sweatshirts and hats, which (largely in part to some great and loyal customers) has now blossomed into the Team Dream you see in front of you today.

After our first few humble batches, we decided that we wanted do more than just put our graphics on jerseys and tees. We wanted to make the clothing we would want to wear ourselves and find a way to make it in Los Angeles. We started working on sourcing our own materials & designing our own fits in 2013. Since then we have been hands-on with all of our apparel manufacturers to develop product that is 100% approved by Team Dream. That means we spend a whole lot of time on every t-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey and bib we sell. Being involved with every step of production means we bring you the best possible finished product.

All of our apparel is responsibly made in the USA and the bulk is produced within 30 miles of our headquarters in South Pasadena. Proximity allows us to build relationships that benefit our final product. Working hands-on with our manufacturers to create small runs of product also ensures that our designs are the right balance of great quality and minimal freeway time... the traffic in Los Angeles can be horrific. In 2017 Team Dream is now working with a very small number of special retail partners globally, but the bulk of our sales still come through our web store. From the beginning, the brand was built around selling direct to the consumer to keep the pricing obtainable. And let's be honest, most bicycle shops had already blacklisted Sean for bringing in feral cats during his visits. Since the large majority of our stuff is sold direct to you, the customer, we can use the best possible materials & domestic production while making a decent margin for ourselves and saving you money on high quality apparel.

In late 2015, The Cub House in South Pasadena was opened. The shop is located inside of a tiny old PacBell phone company building that is scheduled to be demolished in the near future. After some negotiating (and a lot of begging) we worked enough magic to get keys to the place. In addition to being the temporary office for both Team Dream and Ringtail The Cub House has also grown into a local spot for cyclists to hang out and buy cycling product they've only seen prior on the internet. We carry much more than just Team Dream and have watched the space evolve into a cycling apparel store now stocking 15-ish other small brands. Stray cats, much like vampires, have to be invited into your home in order to wreak havoc, but just like those pasty blood suckers, once the Team Dream boys are in the door there is no getting rid of us! That being said, what was originally scheduled to be a 6 month pop-up shop is now a super duper long term pop-up shop. It's been awesome! We will keep the lights on as long as you all keep coming back... or of course until our landlord tells us it's time to leave. Check out @itsnotabikeshop to partake in any of our Lazy Sunday Rides, Bike Swap Meets and/or low brow humor!

Cycling is serious enough already, so there is no need to cast ourselves in the same light. It's ok to talk about watts per kilo, but it's also good to talk about watts per cheeto (that's how many watts you can hold while eating flaming hot cheetos). We also understand that performance based goals like Strava are relevant, but so is Pizza Strava #pizzastrava (how many King of the Pepperonis do you have?). We believe above all else that riding bikes is fun & more people should do it. Team Dream is a team for everyone. Now let's get out there and chase some sunsets... #teamdreamsunsetchasingteam!