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OP World Champs Base Layer OP World Champs Base Layer OP World Champs Base Layer OP World Champs Base Layer OP World Champs Base Layer OP World Champs Base Layer

OP World Champs Base Layer

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“One time (a 100 years ago) at the start of a Cat 4 race in Bakersfield, CA I witnessed an official shame some guy for wearing an old pro team jersey with world champ stripes on the arm. In front of 80 other weirdos in ankle socks and bad team kits, the official told the kid he had to change his jersey in order to participate in the race. The kid had no other jersey so he was forced to watch the (mediocre) action from the sidelines. I think I finished 4th in that race (humble brag). This world championship collection is for that kid!” - Sean T

The old guard of cycling says amateurs can’t wear “pro” clothing and you can’t wear the world championship stripes unless you earned them. We say cycling needs to relax! By wearing this piece you are "officially" the world champion of looking really good.

Abbie is 5'6" and wearing a Small

Tydeman is 6' and wearing a Small

The Details

  • Manufactured by Endo Customs in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Italian engineered fabric

Base Layers

A cat's fur is its air conditioning system. It's the layer of air next to a cat's body that helps keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. Preventing body-warmed air from escaping through the fur keeps a cat warm, and allowing fresh air to ventilate through the fur keeps a cat cool. So, after extensive research hanging with cats, the buttery smooth Team Dream Base Layers were born.

Base Layer Sizing

 Size Chest Waist
X-Small 34 28
Small 36 30
Medium 38 32
Large 40 34
X-Large 42 36

Chest: measure underneath the armpits straight around

Waist: measure natural waist, the narrowest point between ribcage and pelvis

All measurements in inches