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über Pro Chubby Bobcat Men's Classic Length Bibs

über Pro Chubby Bobcat Men's Classic Length Bibs

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Comfort.  Style.  Confidence.  Success.  Unapologetically Euro Inspired

While vacationing in Europe we met with Team Dream fans and former bike racers Pippo Pozatto and Paola Pezzo who told us about the finest cycling apparel maker in all the world. We mentioned to them our goal of making not only mens but women's bibs and the many challenges we have faced. By the campfire they told us in great detail about a magical place where bike shorts were made with the utmost precision and chamois that feel like sitting on a cloud even after 200 miles.  The next day we set out to find this paradise. Buried in the Italian Alps sits an old husband and wife with a single sewing machine. They work tirelessly both day and night in their old cabin to produce the finest bicycle shorts on earth.  Ok, none of that was true, but still, these shorts are very nice! 

Made in Italy with some of the finest materials humans have ever constructed 

CLASSIC LENGTH 2cm shorter length than über pro bibs. These are a similar length to our Team Dream compressor bibs

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The Details

  • Laser cut premium lycra
  • Mesh back panel for maximum breathability
  • Ultra soft shoulder straps
  • High lycra waistline (for ultimate belly comfort)
  • Flatlock stitching
  • NEW uber endurance chamois
  • Made in Italy

Bib Sizing

Size Hip
X-Small 35 - 36
Small 36.5 - 37.5
Medium 38 - 39
Large 40 - 41
X-Large 41.5 - 42

Hip: measure against your bare skin around the widest part of your hip

All measurements in inches

Size chart View full details

Materials and care

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