What's Up With Ringtail?

What's Up With Ringtail?

Sean Talkington

Ringtail version 2.0

It's no secret that we here at Team Dream are big fans of Ringtail and I personally have an enormous amount of love for the brand. The fact that I own half of the company probably has something do with my views.  Let's face it, I am most definitely biased but the stuff we make is quite good and the new Breeze Breaker Jacket and Breezer Vest updates are off the chain (is it still cool to say that? Or was it ever cool to say that?). The fact that we still produce all of the apparel for Ringtail (and of course Team Dream, too) here in Southern California is just an added bonus.

Over the past 3 years the project has slowly grown into what you see today. The range has evolved very little as far as the number of pieces are concerned. The goal for Kyle and I has always been to keep the menu extra tight and filled only with home runs... sort of like In & Out Burger. Although we are really small in overall pieces, now as we unveil the newly refined jackets/vests it becomes apparent just how far this side project has come from a development standpoint.  What started with stock fabrics, leftover yardage and old antique ribbon has now evolved into a partnership with Cordura where we are able to develop the ideal fabrics for each garment. In a nutshell, it might look like the old jacket in a new color but it's really a whole lot more and I couldn't be prouder to be part of producing it. 

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