Welcome to Our New Website

Hi, I'm Sean. The owner/founder of Team Dream. I know what most of you are wondering after seeing the new website so lets get this out of the way early....YES, I am now very rich. I used to be poor, but now thanks to bicycles and Team Dream I have a lot of money. Speaking of my high net worth, I am currently 4ish bottles of Cristal Champagne deep at a cruising altitude of 32,000ft on a private jet with Oleg Tinnkov and Bjarne Riis #bubblesdeep.  Bjarne is currently wasted (again) flying around the cabin making eagle sounds! Classic Bjarne. The three of us are in route to the new TGI Fridays restaurant that just opened in Moscow and hashing out details for our new team for 2018.  At the moment the turbulence is quite atrocious so please excuse any grammatical errors.

I want to take a moment to welcome you to the new site!  Many of our customers have been following along since the beginning, but if you happen to be new to our brand story let me take a few sentences to explain. We started out with the idea of a fake team almost 5 years ago. My friends and I had done our share of racing and thought it would be fun to shake things up a bit. You see, at that time we weren't exactly the types to socialize with lots of ladies, or to be honest any ladies for that matter. This was primarily due to the fact that we were insecure, pimply faced kids in our late twenties w/ pasty skinned torsos and 2" cuffs on our socks. The plus side to this was that we had lots and lots of free time...especially on Friday/Saturday nights. It was this free time that helped us start producing products for a fictional bicycle racing team. The goal was to make really small batches of high quality domestic made goods to sell. What started out as an inside joke and a vw van full of water bottles, has now turned into a real deal (sort of) business. We now have a store in South Pasadena called The Cub House & enough employees to fill a mid sized sedan. As of 2017 we even have a real deal unpaid intern (not joking). Also new to 2017 is our first real website!  Since the beginning stages of TDBT all of our web content has been hosted on a dumpy free Ford Fiesta of a Tumblr page but now thanks Adria Klora we are running on this brand new, smooth running 2017 Dodge Stratus of a web site! It should be noted that Dodge has paid us an undisclosed amount for the previous sentence. 

Moving on, we have lots of great stuff in store and would love to have you join us!  Please stay tuned in to our all new Journal Section & sign up for the newsletter to keep up with all Team Dream Shenanigans.  Oh, and please dont worry, the money wont change us...much. We'll still be out riding, chasing bobcats and sunsets from now until infinity!