The Full 36 #42, 43 and 45 Summer 2018

The Full 36 #42, 43 and 45 Summer 2018

Photos & Words by Sean Talkington

One of the challenges I set for myself, and have enjoyed the most, over the past 6 years with Team Dream is The Full 36. The idea is to share every single frame from a roll of film. The fact that the moments have not been edited at all keeps it really honest. It feels a lot like a mix of both my personal life and Team Dream... because that is exactly what it is. Each roll is a snippet of the behind the scenes life of Team Dream and The Cub House and Ringtail and a little vacation outside of bikes every now and again, too.

This past summer I shot three rolls of film with three different cameras. There seem to be a lot less riding shots in this group and a lot more photos of the shop. Does that means I am working too much? Different times I guess. The Mexico shots are from The Yucatan and a small island called Holbox, not too far from the coast of Cancun. And maybe I am working too much, but I do really enjoy getting to grab quick photos of all the great people that stop in to see us at The Cub House.

You can see all the frames HERE and HERE

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