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The Full 36 #31 Sierra Nevada Mountains Spring 2017

If you have followed along with our shenanigans throughout the years, then you may already know about The Full 36 series. If you are new, then first let me welcome you and take a second to explain. In this series I shoot through an entire roll of film over the course of a few hours, days or sometimes even months. I then share all of the images together in one album.  Team Dream is coming up on its 5th Anniversary and these photos from our recent trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains are the 31st roll since we started. Over the course of our 4 day trip this camera was passed around quite a bit by many people. That being said any of these photos could have been taken by Adam Masters, Cari Carmean, John Watson, David Bangor, Danny Heeley, Carla Alcibar or myself. 

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Team Dream Full 36 Roll 31 img 12Team Dream Full 36 Roll 31 img 13