Team Dream does the Tour of California w/ AG2R

Team Dream does the Tour of California w/ AG2R

When the AG2R La Mondiale Pro Cycling Team invites you to follow them for the first four stages of the Tour of California you most definitely say... OUI OUI, MERCI!

Thank you to both the riders and the amazing staff from the team for being so hospitable during our trip and allowing us into your camp. On a personal level a big fat thank you to Jesse Carmody and Tebow for all the hard work they put in. Shooting by day and editing all night for videos the following morning is no joke! 

If you followed our trips to the Tour de France then you might be familiar with our outtakes videos and a few people have messaged asking if there will be one for this series... The answer is of course YES. So if you like really long/bad home movies, stay on the lookout for that in the next few days. It should be pretty bad, uhh, I mean good?

Stages 1-2

Gibraltar Bonus ride w/ Breakfast

Stages 3-4

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