Mavic TdF Video Series 2017

Words by Sean & Videos by The Sleepers

Last year Mavic invited Tim Johnson and myself to chase the second half of the Tour de France in an old Peugeot 504 for an online video series.  Don't ask me why but for 2017 they invited us back for another 14 days of baguettes, buddies and breaking down on the side of the road.  In all fairness the car did much better this year compared to my digestive system.  This fragile American stomach was no match for the French staple diet of bread, meat, cheese, croissants (fancy breakfast bread), Rosé (Tim) and more bread. We brought our good pal Ace Boogie aka The Sleepers along again to film/edit & even met up with Kyle Kelley from GSC after he finished Grinduro in Scotland.  All I can say about this years race/trip is that it was one hell of a ride...on all levels! Check out the videos below to see highlights from the trip.

 Stay tuned in for a follow up on The Full 36 & The Radivist in the next week or so... #TouristdeFrance