Good is Cool, But Great is Better!

If you are new to Team Dream then you might not know that FS stands for Forever Summer. We built this piece into our range because it gets pretty hot year round here in Southern California and we wanted a great fitting, ultra breathable featherweight jersey. Equal parts cool and comfortable. The ultimate piece for hotter temperatures. 

The FS Lightweight Jersey has undergone a few changes recently. I wanted to take a few sentences here to let you know about how our favorite summer weight top (and hopefully yours, too) received a few small improvements that should make this jersey even better. First off, the old fit was a bit too snug for a lot of our customers. It is a race fit jersey so it does sometimes require going up a size compared to our staple fit jersey. We planned on this but when we noticed some of our customers going up two sizes the pain in their eyes let us know a change was needed. So we reworked the pattern with our good buddy Bobby from Endo Customs for a more "civilized" fit range across all sizes. We have also improved the pocket positioning, sleeve length and a few other small tweaks in order to take the FS Lightweight from an "A" to an "A++...+"!


5'10.5" — 152lbs — 36" chest — 31" waist — 31" inseam

He is wearing a Small FS jersey and Large bibs.


5'11" — 225lbs — 46" chest — 38" waist — 32" inseam

He is wearing an X-Large FS jersey and X-Large bibs.


5'10" — 135lbs — 34" chest — 28" waist — 31" inseam

He is wearing an X-Small FS jersey and X-Small bibs.

To see more fit/measurement images check out our new fit guide HERE. If you still have questions shoot us an email to and/or call / text / come by The Cub House.  We are here to help :)