FS Jersey Customer Reviews

FS Jersey Customer Reviews

Introduction by Danny Heeley 

The Forever Summer Jersey was developed last summer with hot highway 2 climbs in mind and Sean with an eye on the top step of the podium at etap de tour ;) With a racier fit and breathability being key, the jersey pairs lightweight front panels with micro mesh backing for optimal rider ventilation. Pretty much it doesn’t get hot as you head up! We spent lots of time in different fits and cuts to get it just how we wanted, resulting in what we think it will be your favorite every day warm weather jersey. It certainly is my favorite jersey for a variety of reasons but the ability to stay zipped up and cool while riding on a sweltering day is a key for me, no one wants to be dazzled by my pasty British-ness. Maybe we are all just biased here at Team Dream with how awesome we think this jersey, is so we asked some customers and friends to tell us what they thought. So don’t just listen to us listen to them! The Jerseys are made specifically for Team Dream from our friends at Endo Customs in Los Angeles. Shop the FS Jersey Collection

 Customer reviews below:

Colin Don

  • Height 5’6” Weight 130lbs
  • Wears X-Small Jersey and Small Bibs

"A lot of these guys and gals from the old guard of cycling will extol the virtues of riding without a helmet. They’ll tell you how great it was to rip it up and down a mountain with the wind pulling at your hair. Unfortunately, riding without a helmet does have its drawbacks (read: brain stuff), which is why you mostly only see ex- pros and people who might be legitimately crazy doing it these days. The less polarizing and less well discussed style choice that you may not have considered, though, is riding your bike shirtless. Imagine the same wind freely teasing your bare skin and chest hair (sorry, girls and Asians); imagine the sun’s warmth caressing your love handles. There’s no jersey to overheat you or encumber your breathing. Honestly, riding shirtless is fucking great. Sadly, however, despite being less immediately harmful to your health, shirtless riding is even less prominent than helmet-less riding. It’s just not done. It remains the province, = again, of legitimately crazy people.

Enter the Team Dream Team ES Jersey. Up to this point I’d never really owned a jersey specifically made for the heat, despite summering annually in Southern Arizona, where the temperatures consistently hover around 110 degrees during the day. Fifteen minutes into 6:00 am rides I’d find myself fully unzipping every other jersey I’ve ever ridden in. The ES jersey sort of disappears on your body when you’re wearing it though. I was able to keep it zipped up all summer and never felt like I was overheating. Also, despite being sexily form fitting, the material is sheer enough that I never felt my breathing was hindered either. The ES jersey closely replicates the forbidden experience of shirtless riding while keeping you looking chic, and also keeping your Instagram posts from getting flagged. I love it."

David Bangor

  • Height 5’ 11” Weight 155lbs
  • Wears Small Jersey (he’s a racer don’t forget) and Medium Bibs

"This is one of my favorite warm weather "race" fit jerseys for any type of ride. For the days when it’s a bit chilly in the mornings, this jersey with a base layer is prefect. While on those days when the heat is up, wearing this jersey with no base layer keeps me cool and regulates my temperature well with the micro mesh backing. Furthermore even though the jersey is a "race" fit it does not skimp on the pocket space. Also the pockets don't sag easily due to its body fitting cut, allowing whatever is in your pockets to stay snug up against your back. This really makes it the ideal jersey for long days in the sun with pockets full of whatever you need for some grand exploration of classical terrain. Looking forward to the weekend."

Huy Doan

  • Height 5’10” Weight 150lbs
  • Wears Medium Jersey and Small Bibs

"Out of all the various “lightweight” jerseys I own this is by far the lightest and most watt(s) gaining jersey I have in my closet.  I’m still slow though but at least I feel fast and look handsome in it."


Fred Mackey

  • Height 6’ 7” Weight 190lbs
  • Wears Medium Jersey and Large Bibs

"I purchased the Team Dream Lightweight FS Jersey at their Anniversary Sale, but since Los Angeles decided to have a "somewhat" colder than usual winter I had to sadly hang it till warmer days presented themselves. At last the warmer days we all know in Los Angeles have arrived. I was excited to see what the clever style and function gurus of Team Dream and Endo had created in the Lightweight FS Jersey. Team Dream and Endo bring us a technical garment with out it feeling high tech like: textured mesh arms, restricting "aero"panels, or any of those other "go fast" gimmicks. What they have come up with is comfortable, breathable and extremely light jersey you want to wear all day even if its 100 degrees out. The entire back of the jersey is fast wicking micro mesh, while the front is lightweight cooling fabric, which is also found on both sleeves. This is jersey has become my favorite for nearly every ride. Bring on the heat!"

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