Endo X CNCPT X TDBT Collection

Endo X CNCPT X TDBT Collection

It might be hard to believe from all the glory you see in front of you today, but in the beginning Team Dream was just a fake race team that prioritized looking good and having fun over actually winning any races. We made our first few kits for a small group of friends and could barely have dreamed of ending up where we are now.

From the very first kit we sold (out of the back of our VW van) to the jerseys in our current summer launch we have chosen to work exclusively with Endo Customs in downtown LA. Their focus on quality, performance and local manufacturing has impressed us since day one. To put it frankly, their early partnership made Team Dream possible. When the opportunity presented itself to show our support for their newly formed amateur race team, we jumped! In 2016 we designed a tie dye jersey for the CNCPT Team and it's popularity surprised us both. Today it remains one of the most requested of all time.

To celebrate 7 years of working together we partnered with Endo and the CNCPT Team to develop a bigger collection around that original team jersey.

Check out the collection here

If you're interested in the Black/Grey tie dye jersey head over to the CNCPT Team site to check it out.

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