(almost) Always Made in the USA - Introducing euroVACAY

(almost) Always Made in the USA - Introducing euroVACAY

Our basic priorities at Team Dream are pretty simple, have fun and make quality products. The only way we knew how to make stuff in the beginning was with our friends, in our hometown, and it was great. Working with local manufacturers allowed us to be hands-on in the process so we could learn about and control as much of our production as possible. In the years since we started we’ve learned that working with your friends can be fun, we aren’t willing to compromise on quality, and LA traffic really does suck.

After almost 10 years of producing apparel exclusively here in Los Angeles we are now making a brand new range of products outside the United States. The collection is called euroVACAY, as in "European Vacation". Think of it like we’re spending part of the year abroad, not moving away from the USA entirely. That’s how we think about it in our dreams because we haven’t actually travelled anywhere in ages.

This expansion has been years in the making and was conceived in order to offer a more diverse range to our customers. Yes, this means we are finally going to launch our women’s specific cycling apparel. More on that in a moment. We are still going to be producing the majority of our products in the USA and anything produced elsewhere will not compromise on quality.

We’ve been selling our first euroVACAY products at The Cub House for a few months and the reviews have been very positive. So we’re finally ready to officially introduce them to you online.

Up first are the euroVACAY über Pro Bib and the euroVACAY über Pro Cargo Bib. Our staff and customers alike have been calling these bibs Italian masterpieces! We have both styles available in men’s and women’s fits at The Cub House, but only the men’s versions are available online at this time.

So renew your Rosetta Stone membership, grab your passports and join in on our European Vacation.  Sorry, that was cheesy. We're really excited about euroVACAY and we think you will be, too.

Are you interested in helping Team Dream develop our new women's range?

We have been testing our new women's bibs locally and we think they are ready for review by a wider audience. We are looking for people to help us test and provide feedback. If that's you, send an email to development@teamdreamteam.com and we'll send you more details. Currently testing is only open to US residents.

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