A Note About The 2019 Holiday Launch

A Note About The 2019 Holiday Launch

This shit is crazy. It happens every year. Actually, we do these launches 2-3 times a year so it happens multiple times a year. But the holiday launch is by far our craziest.

At first it was just me. I would make a few items and sell them online. Hundreds of people would pre-order kits, tees, stickers, etc. They (meaning you) would send me money and wait months for their product. I would write little notes on post cards for each order and hand write the addresses on each one. The woman at the post office in Topanga HATED ME. She probably still does. I mean, I get it, each international customs form had to be filled out manually... by her!

Then things started to grow. All the while I strive to keep it small, keep it personal and, hopefully, still keep making your favorite stuff. At this point I have put the better part of a decade into these launches. One thing hasn't changed over the years, we're still focused on making small batches of high quality goods with manufacturing partners in, or very near, our home in Los Angeles.

Team Dream is still small but it is definitely bigger than just me. It makes me extremely proud to see so many of my friends contribute to this. These launches are crazy. Like really crazy. You could easily say they are even kind of unhealthy to be honest. It takes all of us to the limit... every single time. Staff, vendors, photo buddies all go above and beyond. Last night we were still shooting hot off the press samples at 1am. This time around Kyle and I pulled Ringtail into the madness. AND we FINALLY have a new TDBT women’s jersey that we developed with our buddy Jen W’z, too.

What does all this mean to you? Well, fortunately, you no longer have to wait MONTHS for your order to arrive like in the old days. The team at Team Dream might be bigger, but we're not an Amazon shipping center over here folks. Our small team will do nothing but eat, sleep and Team Dream for the next couple weeks to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. We expect most orders will ship within 7-10 days. 

Our commitment to quality, local manufacturing means we work with many other small businesses. Most of which experience the madness of this time of year right along with (and possibly because of) us. We decided to offer the Intergalactic Space Cats Collection through pre-order, as we have frequently done in the past with special collections, to ease some of the production burden on Endo and let them catch up on this month’s goods. All other cycling apparel is expected to ship during the first week of January. Please note, that if you order any regular, ready to ship items along with cycling apparel the entire order will beheld until it can be shipped in full. 

Today Carla and I are both sleep deprived, but ready for 10am PST. My eyes are burning w/ anxiety. I accept it. Kinda feels like the start of a bike race. I actually love it and always have. Hope you do, too. Team Dream...Year 7! Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

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